By handling consumer disputes, as an external appeal body, ombudsmen and ADR bodies rebalance the relationship consumers have with companies.

Members are Autonomous and independent authorities;

Members were put in place by federal, national, regional or local authorities;

Members are free of charge for the consumer;

Members publish at least one Annual report per member and per year;

Members work with national authorities and regulators to improve the consumer experience of energy customers;

Members handle consumer disputes, as an external appeal body towards energy companies and public bodies;

Members take into account any current legislation and regulations;

Members respect principles of fairness, with no discrimination with a special mention to the right of good administration, and pay special attention to vulnerable customers.
Members promote and guarantee human and fundamental rights. In our daily work, we can highlight malpractice and significant breaches of ethics and respect for the rights of persons.

Members have powers of investigation and to formulate opinions and recommendations.

Though members are impartial their operations lend the voice of the consumer equal weight when resolving disputes between energy companies and consumers, resulting in decisions which are not biased in either direction.
Therefore, NEON and its members help consumers to have their voices heard in a situation where they could easily be drowned out by large energy companies, and without the need of financial muscle or legal expertise.

NEON fully supports the 2020 Vision for Europe’s energy customers developed by CEER (regulators) and BEUC (consumers).
This vision can be characterised by four principles governing the relationship between the energy sector and its variety of customers: reliability, affordability, simplicity, protection and empowerment.