Members’ Mission and Principles


  • PUBLIC MANDATE: By handling consumer disputes as an external appeals body mandated by public authorities, our members strike a balance between consumers and companies and ensure the general interest in energy markets is respected.
  • NOT-FOR-PROFIT: Our members are autonomous authorities put in place by federal, national, regional or local authorities.
  • INDEPENDENT: Our members are independent both from consumers and from companies over which they have jurisdiction.
  • FREE-OF-CHARGE for the consumer.
  • TRANSPARENT: Our members publish at least one annual report per year and communicate transparently on their funding and their governance structure.
  • HELP TO IMPROVE THE FUNCTIONING OF ENERGY MARKETS: By collecting data at a national / regional level, our members can highlight market failures and work with national authorities, regulators and companies to improve the consumer experience of energy customers.
  • RESPECT AND ENFORCEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS: Our members respect principles of fairness and no discrimination with a special mention to the right of good administration, and pay special attention to vulnerable customers. They promote and guarantee human and fundamental rights.