NEON strongly believes that the spread of alternative dispute resolution schemes in all sectors of consumption, prescribed by the ADR Directive, should help to develop the culture and quality of consumer redress in Europe and elsewhere.

In June 2016, NEON decided to adapt its statutes to enable associate members to join the network. This will lead to a better and more comprehensive view of the energy market. A greater number of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) bodies will be able to encourage the protection and empowerment of energy consumers and to promote ADR in Europe in compliance with the recommendations of the European Commission and EU Directives.


Currently, NEON has members and associate members from six member states and is in touch with the Ombudsman or ADR body of at least three  other countries and regions.

In total, NEON’s work has an impact over 213 million Europeans through its members.

Great Britain: Ombudsman Services

France: le Médiateur National de l’Energie 

Belgium: Service de Médiation de l’Energie/Ombudsdienst voor Energie

Catalonia – Spain: El Sindic

Italy: l’Autorità per l’energia elettrica il gas e il sistema idrico (AEEGSI)

Wallonia: CWAPE – Commission Wallonne pour l’Energie

Ireland: CER – Commission for Energy Regulation

Georgia: Energy Ombudsman

You are an independent ADR provider in the Energy sector and are interested in becoming a Member? Please fill our Membership questionnaire and send it back to our Secretariat!